Welcome to my page where I share all that I think is important.

Software Development

Software development is one of the newest professions and thus constantly changing. The good thing is that the world of developers get's simpeler because of better systems and patters, but also more complex because somehow people think that things need to be backwards compatible. On this site you will find my view of the software development world, including the things I read between the lines and patters I see in time.

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Mind programming

Next to a software developer I'm also a human being, trying to be a part of the thing we call 'world'. You may notice I perceive the world somewhat different than the average human or if you will, the majority. The control we have on this world is limited but you have significant control on what happens inside your brain. I believe you can reprogram your brain in a way that your life will get better. This part of the site is the first article I'm going to write after wire-ing up this site to Vue

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This site

This site only went live 21-8-2016 so you may notice nothing works! That's because I designed this way. If it is still like this far beyond this date, then assume I'm lazy or I didn't find time to complete it. You can find the github in the source code of the page.

It could also be that I'm still working on another project.

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DJ Gius

Every other saturday I'm live at Winkradio between 20:00 and 22:00 CE(S)T. My mixes are posted on Mixcloud. Preparing a set of two hours takes 8-16 hours, to first gather 35-45 records, analyze them with Mixed in Key and RekordBox, find the key and find the right category, analysing them to find the end of the intro and the beginning of the outtro.

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I try to challenge myself reading up on philosophy, ideology and self-help books. That is already covered in 'Mind programming'. Next to that I like puzzles, not the jigsaw puzzles, but Rubik's cube-like puzzles such as Mastermorphix, Megamorphix and Megaminx.

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I'm an AFOL and trying to find out the best approach to combine Lego sets, Lego City and trains. When my children are old enough I'm going to combine lego with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. For sure I'm going to use fake lego:

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